Providing Professional Solutions for 4G WiMax & LTE Customers

Outdoor Solutions

Professionally and permanently installed inside of a non-obtrusive, easily mountable outdoor weatherproof housing, the Clearly WiMax Outdoor Modem connects your entire home or office to the super-fast CLEAR™ 4G WiMax network with a stronger signal than using the indoor modems.

Pro 16 antenna shown on left, SOHO 14 shown on right.

If you need outdoor antennas, or stronger indoor signal strength, we have the right product for your needs.  We convert modems to use stronger antennas, able to be used outdoors in almost any weather conditions, and we provide external antennas to connect with the CLEAR Hub Express, Apollo Clearspot, and both models of CLEAR’s recent 4G USB modems.

ATTENTION Hub Express Owners: We’ve got a solution to your problem, if you are not getting maximum gain from your CLEAR Hub Express modem when you connect an external antenna to it. Click Here for more details.

Starting in 3rd quarter 2012, Clearly WiMax Solutions will be adding outdoor solutions involving 4G LTE from multiple providers, such as Verizon™, AT&T™, and Sprint™.  After all, CLEAR™ isn’t everywhere.  We find the best solution for our clients, not just take a “one size fits all” approach.

One of our clients likened to our product as being the same as someone “taking the engine out of a Volkswagen Beetle and installing an engine from a Porsche instead”.

Perfect for customers needing broadband in a fringe or weak signal areas, typically caused by terrain or building construction. By mounting your modem outside, you get the best signal possible, without the line loss caused by traditional cable / antenna installation methods.  Our outdoor enclosure solutions utilize Power Over Ethernet (POE), so you won’t need to run a separate power cord up to the enclosure, just a length of Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable.  We provide all of the power adapters and power supplies needed as part of the package, so you won’t need to go purchase additional items for most routine installations.

We are now offering 4 different antennas for the CLEAR™ Apollo Clearspot.   Click here for Apollo Antennas.

We now have 3 different antennas for the  CLEAR™  Hub Express modem.  Click here for Hub Express Antennas.

Indoor / Outdoor Solutions

While many of our clients are using the Pro or SoHo enclosures indoors as well, we’ve had many requests for a better antenna solution for the CLEAR™ Apollo Clearspot / Hotspot modem. So we’ve developed a cost effective solution and called it our Apollo Antenna Kit.

10 dbi Panel Antenna for Apollo Clearspot and Hub ExpressMobile Antenna for Apollo ClearspotMobile Antenna for Apollo Clearspot

These antennas also work with the CLEAR Hub Express modem, CLEAR™ UBEE PXU1900 USB modem or the CLEAR™ 4G+ USB modem (disc shaped, made by Sierra Wireless, discontinued by CLEAR™ in 10/2011).  This kit does NOT require any external power to be supplied to the antenna.

While we can’t create a 4G WiMax signal where none exists, we can certainly enhance what signal that does exist at your location.

Contact us to see how we can resolve your broadband issues today!

Features – SoHo or Pro Enclosure

  • Super-fast primary or backup broadband Internet for your business or SOHO
  • Superior signal strength compared to indoor modems
  • RJ45 10/100 Ethernet connection to your SOHO or business network
  • Operating temperature:  -20° F to +141° F
  • SNMP GUI for setup and configuration or maintenance
  • Attractive appearance, Pro Enclosure can be used indoors when outdoor mounting ability is limited
  • Easily mounted to existing pipe or round member similar to a roof vent pipe
  • Weatherproof housing ABS UV Stabilized Plastic
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranty

Features – Apollo Antenna Kit

  • Superior signal strength compared to using the built-in antenna
  • Non powered solution, requires no additional power sources to be connected
  • Comes pre-attached to metal stand with non-slip bottom surface
  • 15′ RG58 coax length, optional 10′ extension cable available
  • Able to be connected to the Apollo Clearspot™, UBEE PXU1900 USB modem, and CLEAR™ 4G+ USB modem
  • Attractive appearance for use indoors,  or outdoors
  • Weatherproof housing ABS UV Stabilized Plastic
  • Outdoor mounting bracket and u-bolt provided at no additional charge